As a C-level Microsoft executive and thought leader, Gavriella brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience, has grown a P&L of $6.5B and currently leads a global portfolio that influences over $1 trillion in ecosystems revenues. In this short interview she shares some quick insights into her journey and the things she feels have helped make her successful.

1. What is your favorite snack?


2. What is your favorite book (doesn’t have to be about business)?

“The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks”

3. A quote or mantra that helps guide you?

“Take care of your thoughts – they become your words
Take care of your words – they become your actions
Take care of your actions – they become your habits
Take care of your habits – they become your character
Take care of your character – it becomes your destiny”

4. What’s one thing you make sure to do every day?

“Exercise first thing in the morning.  It jumpstarts my day and gives me energy all day long”

5. What would friends say is the “secret to your success”?

“My ability to communicate authentically, my reliability and my propensity towards bold action.”

6. If you were in business school right now, what would be the most important thing to study?

“Data science”

7. What is your advice to a graduating MBA student in 2020?

“You will be entering the workforce during a tough time.  There will be a high unemployment rate and companies will be in a cost cutting mode.  Know that you may not get the top dollar for your talent that you might deserve but starting anywhere is better than starting nowhere.  Take a job that will give you the best foot forward in terms of the things you will learn and it will enable you to take that experience farther once the economy turns around.”

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