Gurpreet Kaur

Chief Executive Officer

Gurpreet Kaur is a second-year MBA Candidate and CEO of the MBA Association at the University of Washington Bothell. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Strategic Human Resource Management. With her diverse range of professional expertise as a facilitator, teacher, admissions advisor, office coordinator, and human resources executive, Gurpreet brings a wealth of experience to her current role as a Graduate Student Partner in the University of Washington Bothell School of Business.

Driven by a passion for growth, personal development, and academic accomplishments, Gurpreet is using her MBA at UW Bothell as a platform to expand her knowledge of business practices in different countries. She aims to broaden and deepen her success and growth, extracting every possible experience to develop an international mindset. This mindset will enable her to analyze problems from a global perspective and foster a self-resilient, independent mindset.

Gurpreet is committed to making a profound contribution to the Bothell School of Business community while utilizing all that the program has to offer to further her personal and professional growth. She is excited to continue her academic journey and embrace new opportunities for learning and development.