Jere Tien

VP Marketing

Jere is a full-time MBA candidate in the Class of 2021 at the University of Washington Bothell. Previously, he performed war surgery with the likes of Sanjay Gupta in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa while serving in the United States Navy. He also led the Naval Expeditionary Medical Facility in Djibouti and the Directorate for Surgical Services at the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to that, Jere worked production management for entertainment projects large and small – from festival-award winners to music videos for Japanese pop idols. Jere is particularly interested in the intersection of finance, technology, and entertainment and how to leverage those domains in differentiating products within tightly crowded markets. He is also fascinated by the field of human performance and its application to the creative industries. He is the only person he knows who has read The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance. After all, everyone needs a hobby. Jere received his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Production from the University of Southern California. In his spare time, he sometimes pretends to know how to play chess and how to count cards in blackjack.