Yenlik Mukhanova

Chief Executive Officer

Yenlik is a seasoned e-commerce Product Management expert with over a decade of experience. Originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan, she now thrives in the United States, leading the mobile app team at iVisa, a pioneering travel document processing company.

Yenlik's diverse passions extend beyond her corporate role. With a background in Chemistry and Biology, she founded "Edelweiss Cosmetics," crafting bespoke perfumes and cosmetics. Her keen eye for innovation drives her to create products that resonate with her loyal clientele.

When not immersed in her professional pursuits, Yenlik enjoys being a devoted mother to her two daughters. She finds joy in travel, exploring national parks, practicing yoga, playing piano, ball room dancing and experimenting with culinary delights from around the world.

Yenlik epitomizes a balanced individual, seamlessly blending her career ambitions with personal passions. Driven by excellence and fueled by wanderlust, she leaves her mark wherever her journey takes her.
Yenlik chose UW Bothell MBA program for its vibrant community of ambitious individuals who share her passion for leadership. Immersing herself in this dynamic environment, she aims to build strong professional relationships and grow as a leader. The program's collaborative atmosphere aligns perfectly with her goal of personal and professional development. Ultimately, Yenlik aspires to empower organizations and teams to excel. With UW Bothell's resources, she believes she can achieve this goal while contributing to the success of her peers and the broader community.